About Us

Welcome to Nana`s chili!
We are the new kid on the block!
The unique  chili sauce you were waiting for.
Produced locally to support the community of growers and suppliers with the
aim of showcasing Australian produce and its versatility.
Created by chef and co-founder Stefano Marano, Nana`s chili’ range encases
the love, passion and care for food passed on to him by his Nonnas.
Bringing the balance, fragrance and dept of the three different chilies into your
Whether it's the fresh, tangy Jalapeño, the fruity and spicy Habanero or the
smoky and balanced Tomato & Chili, our sauces offer a level of diversity for all palates.
Feel free to get in touch for any questions and feedback, we would love to hear
from you.